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Communicating Through Architectural Photography

Architectural photography encompasses everything from awe inspiring cityscapes to commercial assignments photographing exteriors, interiors, as well as isolating details. Being aware of the aesthetic and technical issues involved will lead to capturing more compelling images for personal as well as professional use. Through the study of classic architecture and client images we will investigate techniques and approaches that will help you control what your images communicate about the inanimate man made structures that are all around us. These techniques will be explored further, weather permitting, with hands on experience photographing local landmarks and investigating the stories they have to tell. Participants are welcome to bring examples of their work for group discussion.


PPA Members will receive 1 merit towards their PPA degree

What to bring? 

  • Camera with favorite lenses, wide angle if available.
  • Money for lunch.
  • Desire to have fun.

Date: May 18th, 2015

Location: Genna Sellers Photography, Knoxville, TN

Time: 9am to 5pm or until?