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Brief Introduction

This page is dedicated to my adventure at Lesley Art + Design to obtain an MFA in Visual Arts. If you are reading this, you are a part of the journey; I am looking forward to seeing where we end up. 






Aftermath Group 2 Summer/Fall 2022

Artist Statement

Architectural photography is in my DNA. When left to my own devices, I will always explore the geometry and shapes of manmade structures. But I've always regretted not pursuing creative studio work more. So rather than only traveling the path of least resistance, I have also been exploring light painting in the studio; creating a variety of still lifes. Many of these images pay homage to 17th-century Dutch still life paintings. Objects were arranged, painted with light, and captured in a manner to mimic reality, when in fact they were fakes, mere facsimiles of the subjects depicted. In my images, I invite the viewer to ponder what is real. And perhaps ask, can something be real and unreal at the same time? 



Mini Portfolio from Group 1 Spring 2022



Group 1 Spring 2022

Artist Statement

The subjects of my photographs are often made of brick and mortar; or steel and glass. I am especially drawn to the geometry, patterns, and unusual shapes found in architecture.

Angles and points of view are chosen to bring the viewer into the moment; as if they could walk into the scene or touch the subject. Post production tools, such as Photoshop and Lightroom, are utilized to enhance a subject to bring out an emotion or to uncover a concept not readily seen.